A simple URL shortener for sending links from a mobile device to any computer

Toss.Fish is an application that lets you send links from your phone to any computer with an internet connection. It's available for iOS and Android.

The Challenge

I created Toss.Fish to solve a recurring problem I experienced myself. I would be sitting down at a public computer, my phone in hand, and I would want to send something from my phone to that computer (to print, for example). Most commonly what I’d want to send was a URL. There’s some existing ways to solve this:

  • Email something to myself (I use two-factor authentication with my email, so logging in to new computers can sometimes be a pain.)
  • Use a URL shortener like (That could work, but I wanted a simpler solution that didn’t use alphanumeric links, doesn’t track link history, and doesn’t provide options for for reviewing statistics, etc.)
  • Look at the link on my phone and type it out on the computer (who would want to do that?)

I came up with the idea of creating iOS and Android mobile apps that use native content sharing APIs to create a short numeric code for a given URL. When Toss.Fish gives you this code, you are given a short, memorable URL that you can type into a computer. Enter your numeric code on that website, and then you get sent to the URL you visited on your phone.

Available on iOS and Android

Toss.Fish is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

The Website

The Toss.Fish website at provides a text box for typing in this code. After the user types the code and presses enter, they get sent to the page they were looking at on their phone.

This website utilizes the .fish top level domain name, one of the many new top level domain names made available starting in 2014. I chose because it is memorable, unique, and short. Unique names are easier to search for in search engines, and memorable names are easy to remember when moving from a phone to a computer while using this app.